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day 1 program - tuesday 21 june 2022

The National Retirement Living Summit will occur on the Gold Coast from
Monday 20 June 2022 to Wednesday 22 June 2022. 

Pre-Summit - Monday 20 June 2022
Day 1 - Tuesday 21 June 2022
Day 2 - Wednesday 22 June 2022

What can we learn from the experience internationally on ageing well and age friendly communities. What are some of the lessons that we can take forward to guide future retirement living operations.

International panel via live stream:


Professional Development: 

  • Receive an update on the state of play of the retirement living industry in US, UK, Asia and NZ including current sales and investment in sector.
  • The next steps for the retirement industry domestically and internationally, what are the emerging trends and challenges.

Australia needs plans to ensure that Australians age well and communities have the physical and social infrastructure to support increasing number of people to maintain their well-being as they get older.

Aged Friendly Communities are essential in supporting older Australians. These communities are more than just bricks and mortar and provide social and emotional supports that assists with healthy ageing. A range of models are needed to deal with the diversity of consumers.

Keynote Speaker:

Discussion and Q&A: 


Professional Development:  

  • Understand the key issues facing seniors and the need to plan for the ageing population.
  • Develop an understanding of the attributes of age friendly communities.
  • Obtain an overview on how the sector is fulfilling the need for age friendly communities and its contributing to doing to provide the supply of affordable seniors’ accommodation.
  • Obtain key insights into policy levers that can increase supply of aged friendly housing.

As the sector emerges from the unprecedented challenges of the last two years, longer term supply and demand issues are becoming clearer. Leaders of the Australian retirement sector will share their views on the key challenges the sector faces and the responses needed from operators, the sector, governments and regulators.

Panel on Stage: 

Professional Development

  • Get an updated state of play of the retirement living sector in Australia.
  • Examine how the sector is emerging from the pandemic – the key learnings.
  • Learn what the senior leaders of see as the key trends and challenges for the sector.

As the voice of senior Australians, and with a seat at the table in advocacy to Governments on behalf of older Australian COTA brings a unique perspective and important insights on how events may unfold for senior Australians and the direction of aged care reform within the backdrop of a federal election.


The age care sector is undergoing significant change driven by a combination of market forces and legislative changes. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety shone a spotlight on the quality of care being provided to our senior Australians. will explore potential opportunities and challenges to can indentify and plan for changing market needs and growth opportunities.



Professional Development:

  • Obtain the latest update on the implementation of the Aged Care Royal Commission.

Senior Australians who rent in the private market are highly likely to suffer financial stress in retirement and nearly half of all retiree renters are living in poverty. Older women aged 55 and over are the fastest growing group to experience homelessness in Australia. Homeownership among retirees will continue to decline at an increasing rate as today’s young renters become tomorrow’s renting retirees. What are the key factors driving these developments; the policy and regulatory implications and the role of the retirement living sector in addressing these issues.

Moderator: Leida Pirts, National Policy Manager – Retirement Living Summit, Property Council of Australia

Professional development: 

Deepen your understanding of:

  • Key factors driving these developments.
  • Policy and regulatory implications.
  • Role of the retirement income sector in addressing these problems.

Over the last two years, the Australian economy has experienced record highs and its first recession in 30-years. With the market outlook increasingly harder to predict, what are the economic indicators to look out for, and what do the experts think will happen over the next 12-months.

Keynote: David Plank, Head of Economic Research, ANZ

Professional development:  

  • Obtain a concise summary of state of Australian economy and residential housing market.
  • Get an overview of investment conditions for business.

Ways to improve the attractiveness of the sector as an asset class, including identifying issues that reduce investor certainty, developments in the asset class and how the sector might better position itself to attract the right investors.


Professional development:  
  • How has the residential housing market affected your retirement living sales in the last 18 months?
  • Are conditions consistent around the country or are there local issues at play too?
  • Where do opportunities for future external investment in the sector lie?

The PwC/Property Council Retirement Census is the biggest annual snapshot of the Australian retirement living industry. With a rich vein of data to analyse, join us to unpack the last six years of the census to see the changes and the trends that have been shaping the industry.

Presenter: Tony Massaro, Partner, PwC 

Professional development: 

  • What industry trends and challenges can be identified from the overview of the Retirement Census?

After a distinguished career in the NSW Rural Fire Service including leading NSW through the tragic 2019 bushfires, Shane Fitzsimmons was appointed to be the inaugural Commissioner for Resilience NSW and Deputy Secretary, Emergency Management. His strong leadership throughout adversity reassures the community he is serving. Join us to hear him discuss leading throughout adversity and building resilience in an organisation during uncertain times.



Professional Development

  • Obtain insight into resilience and planning and dealing with uncertain times

Property Council of Australia has the right to make changes to the published program at any time.