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Revitalising ageing stock and villages

Friday 22 November 2019 - 12:00pm - 12:40pm
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A key challenge for the sector is ensuring older villages remain vibrant for existing residents and attractive for new sales. Delegates heard from some leading operators as they discuss their own revitalisation projects.Your blog post content here…

“There’s no redevelopment and there’s no upgrade if you don’t have that resident support” - Karen Armstrong, Leandlease Retirement Living.

From a knock down and rebuild to refreshing an existing space with clever interior design, a whole range of methods for revitalising older retirement villages was presented in this session. What each of these panellists shared though as a strong desire to ensure existing residents were engaged at every step of the journey to ensure they retained their sense of community.

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NRLS19_Revitalising Ageing Stock

Karen Armstrong, National Planning Manager, Lendlease Retirement Living

Keeley Green, Interior Designer, Director, Keeley Green Interior Design

Justin Lorenz, Head of Community Northern Region, Aveo 

Greg McGee, National Construction Manager, Goldengrove

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