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How to service a rapidly evolving customer base

Friday 22 November 2019 - 11:55am - 12:45pm
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Rob Fyfe has been the CEO of two of New Zealand’s most iconic brands: Air New Zealand and Icebreaker. Along the way Rob has led transformations from product-focused businesses to people-focused businesses, truly embodying the definition of ‘Raising the Bar’.

"Effective leadership is based on consistency and authenticity" - Rob Fyfe, Independent Director & Former CEO Air New Zealand & Icebreaker (NZ).

A common sense of identity within a business is far more important than things like a “vision” or a “mission”, Rob explained. During his tenure as CEO at Air New Zealand, his focus on enabling employees to know what was happening at an executive level, was paramount. Rob would pull a shift a month across an area of the business (except the actual flying planes shift, he reassured people!) and also bring in an employee to executive meetings once a month with nothing off limits.

Rob is a big believer that a business that makes mistakes - and admits to them - will go much further than those not willing to take a risk.

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Keynote: Rob Fyfe, Independent Director & Former CEO Air New Zealand & Icebreaker (NZ)

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